AI Spawn Script Pack for ARMA3

AISSP is a collection of scripts offering dynamic experiences with AI, dynamic scenarios and versatile customizations with just a few lines of code, which you can generate via our online code generators.

AISSP includes a wide variety of scripts to make AI feel more dynamic in your own missions, like:

  • Ambient combat, randomized action all around you
  • Ambient explosions; planes or artillery will bring in some controllable chaos into your scene
  • Areas, buildings, or areas of buildings filled with AI acting just the way you want them to act
  • Helicopters bringing AI reinforcements where ever you need them! Paratroops & LZ based insertions.
  • Methods to cache AI, use custom classes for AI (3rd party factions), run 3rd party scripts as init commands, an example mission combining few of the scripts and generating extremely dynamic and random clear objective type of a mission, and much more!